Cornucopia - Minecraft Survival Games Aid


“Cornucopia – Minecraft SG Aid” is for all Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™) players, both skilled and novice. Its purpose is to serve the community with useful information regarding Minecraft game mechanics, maps, statistics, and items. We aim to represent the great MCSG™ service though an equally great smartphone application.


Click here to open Google Play Store: App Version 1.4.0


  • Clean and simple dashboard layout
  • One-click access to all sections
  • First time users are presented with overlay tutorial screens


  • Top-down view of all Minecraft Survival Games (MCSG™) maps
  • Online maps for a smaller application
  • Offline syncing of maps
  • Markings for important objects
    • Chests
    • Workbenches
    • Enchanting Tables
  • Supports multi-touch pinch-to-zoom
  • Regular one finger touch-panning


  • Search for any Minecraft user
  • Display of selected player's appearance
  • Show MCSG™ statistics for chosen player
    • Rank
    • Bounty
    • Wins
    • Losses
    • Killstreak
    • Win/Loss Rate
    • Kill/Death Ratio
    • Total Time Played


  • Work In Progress


  • Clean swipe and scrollable interface
  • List of all relevant items
    • Weapons
    • Armors
    • Foods
    • Utilities
  • Additional information on items
    • Damage
    • Defence
    • Food Points (Saturation)
    • Usage


The visible “ColorBar” in all sections provides quick navigation between each activity. Operation of the element is executed by touching the bar and dragging either left or right to the item of interest. The choice is selected by releasing the user’s finger on any but current section.



  • General:
    • A lot of underlying architecture changes
    • Much smaller size
    • New tutorial overlay screens
    • Cleaner progress bar in header
  • Maps:
    • All maps are now online
    • All maps can now be synced
    • Maps can now be changed on the fly
    • Several new maps added
    • New icons
  • Items:
    • New cleaner layout
    • Cleaner categories
  • Forum:
    • Work In Progress


BETA 1.3.1

  • General
    • Fixed user skins not loading
    • Fixed ColorBar issue causing app to crash
    • Fixed Map loading issue by warning user that map could not load instead of crashing
    • Fixed MapView allowing zoom before map was loaded
    • Minor improvements, bugfixes, and preparation for stable release


BETA 1.3.0

  • Items
    • Landscape now supported!
    • Tablets now supported!
  • General
    • Minor bugfixes
    • Tutorial temporarily disabled and will be replaced by hint overlay


BETA 1.2.0

  • Items
    • Cleaner internal system for items storage
    • Addition of crafting recipes
      • Recipes show only for items where all resources are obtainable
    • All unobtainable items removed
    • Utilities gained descriptions
    • Categories implemented for armors
  • General
    • Minor bugfixes


BETA 1.1.0

  • Maps
    • Background loading to avoid UI freeze
    • Swipeable DrawerLayout for selecting maps and filters
      • Show or hide Chests, Trap Chests, Crafting Tables, and Enchanting Tables
    • Disable DrawerLayout swipe in settings
  • Stats
    • All statistics elements are now active
    • New layout to accommodate for larger scores


Erik “Swiftwork” Hughes – Project Leading, Development and Design

Tobias “Datwr” Wrangberth – Design and Testing

Rasmus “Bigmur” Salomonsson – Resource Gathering and Testing

Joel “Josal001” Salomonsson – Design