About Me

I am Erik Hughes, an aspiring User Interface Artist. I was born 1993 in Sweden and I am currently studying a three year Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Interactions Design at Stockholm University. I have a curious mind and I love to explore technology. I spend therefore most days developing and designing anything that intrigues me. Which usually entails both Android and native Java application development, website design, building computers, and other devices. However equally important to me is training and social activities to keep my mind and body refreshed. My family is multilingual, granting me the opportunity and advantage of learning both English and Swedish from an early age.


  • Simple and clean designs
  • Modern and architecturally smart interfaces
  • Light and dark color schemes
  • Diversity of digital and analog tools
  • Mobile and web based work

Curriculum Vitae


A-focus AB – Interactions Designer

Hired as a student consultant to aid in the observation of focus groups and to produce assessment criteria for municipality’s websites as part of a governmental project regarding psychological health of youths.

September 2014 – October 2014

MoSync AB – Mobile Application Development

As part of the development team, I developed example mobile applications using the MoSync cross-platform mobile SDK and launch tools. The primary coding languages were HTML5 and JavaScript, which in turn created native interface components for iOS, Android and other mobile platforms.

June 2012

MoSync AB – Mobile QA and Testing

Within the QA team, I was first responsible storing of mobile device details in a database, as well as labeling and unit testing each mobile phone. Later contracts focused on the unit testing and quality assurance aspects, making sure their cross platform SDK worked on each device.

February 2012

April 2011

June 2010 – July 2010

Elgiganten AB – Storage and Sales Intern

An early internship where consumer interaction was essential. I was responsible for the sales of various console games as well as the units themselves. Some work in the storage department was also performed.

November 2008


Stockholm University (current)

Interactions Design, Bachelor of Arts (BA),

Human Computer Interaction

September 2012 – Ongoing

Thorildsplans Gymnasium

Technology and Architecture

September 2009 – June 2012


Programming Languages

Java, XML, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Python

Daily usage

Software Development IDE

Android Studio, Eclipse, Intellij, PhpStorm

Daily usage

Adobe Creative Suit

Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator

Daily usage

Hardware Knowledge

I’ve built multiple Windows computers, as well as one Hackintosh (OS X) / Linux (Ubuntu) dual boot system.


Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, OS X

Windows daily, Linux and OS X occasionally


Android Application Development

Cornucopia - Minecraft SG Aid

June 2013 – Ongoing

Spotify Student TechFest

Participant and only representative of Stockholm University.

September 2013

Cambridge ESOL International Level 3

Passing grade of A for Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) test.

May 2012

Speaker 4 Port Docking station

Designed and built a four port micro-USB charging station with a built in speaker from scratch.

February 2014 – April 2014

MoSync Hackathon

Placed second in a 15 hour programming competition.

April 2012