My name is Erik Hughes and I was born 1993. In my youth Lego was my muse, now I prefer the regular stuff, programming, partying and playing games. In my spare time I mostly do whatever I feel like at the moment, be it spending a day indoors on Skype, going to the gym or partake in any sort of activity with friends. What can I say, I'm flexible.


I study Interactions Design, but I also dabble in web and graphic design, game development, Android programming and architecture. I am fluent in English and Swedish, but I also know in Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. At times I use Python and SQL.


Lived in Stockholm most of my life and I also study a three year program at Stockholm University, however I have travelled quite a bit and my family owns a little house in Australia. I love Sweden, but I may very well move to a warmer climate if the opportunity presents itself.

Latest Work



Cornucopia - Minecraft Survival Games Aid

Game Aid - Concept Design

Silhouette Runner - Task 6